About 3HT (steel bottles)

    Steel 3ht bottles:
    The Department of Transportation has provided special authorization for these small steel bottles, to be used only in the aviation Industry. There is NO authorization for the use of 3ht cylinders for Paintball HPA delivery systems.

    What the DOT says about 3ht Steel Paintball cylinder Hydrotesting:
    "For reasons of safety, it is the discretion of an authorized retester whether it will accept a cylinder for requalification and perform a hydrostatic retest on the cylinder. We do not recommend retest of such cylinders that are used in unauthorized cylinder service, and suggests that you inform you customers." as noted in a clarification letter from the DOT. March 2006.

    HydroLabs Policy for testing 3ht cylinders:
    If a 3HT bottle arrives with a Paintball valve attached, or paintball stickers or markations, it will be returned to the sender, less the shipping fee's, untested.

    Getting a 3HT cylinder tested
    If a 3ht bottle arrives without any paintball markations (stickers) and paintball valves/regulators. It will be assumed that the bottle is intended for "proper use" under the DOT requirements and specifications. We will be happy to test the bottle in accordance with the DOT requirements.

    Converting a Paintball bottle to Aviation Use
    * If you own a 3ht bottle that has been used for paintball and intend to convert it to aviation use, HydrLab will provide regulator removal and hydrotesting services.
    The regulator and bottle will be returned after testing. disassembled, please remove all stickers from the bottle before shipping to hydrolab.

    3HT cylinders are not intended or authorized to be used as Paintball HPA delivery devices.