paintball hydro test american Specializing in Hydrotesting Crossfire #14339 tank specialists. Hydro Testing with a 48 hour turn around $25.95. . We hydrotest crossfire everyday. Don't Let Rookies who just started Hydro testing crossfire bottles, practice on your crossfire tank. Don't be suckered into giving your bottle a hydro "spa treatment" or pay 20 bucks for a "coating".... Dings and scrapes are repaired free... Go with the 25 year pro's ,

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American Paintball Tank Hydro testing crossfire tanks and tanks with crossfire type regulators
American Paintball Tank Hydrotest Service
Specializing in
# 14339 Crossfire bottles

We are the nations #1 paintball hydro test specialists.
We test 14339 Crossfire bottles.

we hydrotest all Crossfire Cylinders "IN HOUSE

Nothing is Sent Out

We now rebuild regulators:
PMI and Crossfire

New Ninja 4500psi Regulator


48 hour Turnaround

Small Tank

For 25 Years

Don't let newly certified Hydrotesters practice on your bottle

  • Yes we test #14339 Crossfire tanks. We are the nations #1 Hydro tester of Paintball Nitro Bottles, we test all paintball bottles, cylinders and tanks "IN HOUSE" (we don't send them out). We specialize in hydrotesting HPair (hpa) or CO2 paintball tanks from 1800, 3000 to 5000 psi. If you have a crossfire fiberwrapped cylinder that is "out of Hydro," send that baby on in,we are the best in the US for same day hydrotesting.

    Need your bottle hydro tested? Simply follow these 5 easy steps and you are on your way.
    Ding repair is always free, and we use the smallest DOT legal stickers in the industry (imbedded of course).

  • Good news: We are PB players at the Lab. We use Centerflag, Nitro Duck, Crossfire, ACI, and PMI… we know and test them all. So, we will hydrotest your bottle, give it a good visual inspection, put on a small and attractive HYDRO sticker, verifying it has been "re-qualified" and have it in the UPS Van within 24* hours of delivery. Return shipping, is just $11.95 any where in the US. All this will meet DOT and Field/Tournament requirements for hydrotestatic re-certification.

  • The Best news: 99.9% of all paintball bottles pass the hydro test. Why? because you guys take great care of your bottles, So Don't be fooled with getting your bottle "REFINISHED." 99.9% of all bottles tested DON"T Need refinishing. DON'T let Rookies test your bottles. Go with the pros.
  • What they Say: Paintball.com was kind enough to do a article about hydrotesting paintball bottles here at the Hydrolab. Read what they had to say about hydrotesting your bottle. A big "tanks" to Young Choi and the folks at PAINTBALL.COM for a great article and caring about safety in the paintball industry.

    *UPS does not pick up or deliver on weekends. Bottles received on Friday or Saturday are shipped on Monday.
Take the easy path to getting the bottle tested and ready for action!!
When to test If you have questions about when - look here!
The Form When you're ready to send your bottle in for testing, print the form and follow the steps

24 hour turnaround
We test all Bottles
877-493-7652 toll free or
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