Wholesale services and prices for Paintball Fields and Stores. Call 1-877-HydroLab

Wholesale for Fields or Stores or associated businesses?

*Do you Own a Paintball Field, Paintball store or associated Pb business? Do you need a experienced and dependable cylinder Hydrotesting Service to do wholesale business with. HydroLab has tested over 2500 paintball cylinders, tanks and bottles. Testing Crossfire, PMI, Pure Energy, Nitro Duck, Carton Industries, Luxfer and Catalina. We have tested High Pressure Air (HPA), Nitrogen and CO2 for over 9 years.

*On a wholesale basis, we work with over 50 fields and stores nation wide. Hydro testing all types of Paintball tanks and cylinders. We can remove and replace the regulator, hydrotest, and even rebuild certain regulators.

*Your (wholesale account) bottles are always moved to the front of the test line, for immediate testing and return shipping the same day.

*We test fiberwrap, carbon fiber (E#'s), aluminum (3al) and even steel (3ht).

Wholesale Pricing:
$16.00 Hydrotest only (you remove and replace the regulator).
$2.50 Remove the valve.
$2.50 Replace the valve.
$12.50 Basic Rebuild of PMI regulators (Inside only).
$29.00 Rebuild PMI regulator with new top

Return Shipping:
*Pay $10.00 per bottle (Prepaid)
*We use your UPS account Number
*We pre charge you what UPS/Fedex shows as shipping fee.

Recommended Retail Fee's:
$25 to $55 for basic Hydro test.
$5 and up for remove or replacing regulator.
$25 and up for basic Regulator Rebuild.
$50 and up for full rebuild.

Only you may determine what you charge for services rendered.

Payment method:
Payment with shipment
Check, Credit Card, Money Order or Cash with proper identification.
Many companies ask that we keep the Credit Card info on file, and charge the card as the services are provided.

***We have no problem with company checks.

Information we need to open your account, please Fill out the form and attach a copy of your UBI (business) number

24 hour turnaround
We test all Bottles
877-493-7652 toll free or
email geoff @

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